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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wealth Yoga

Wealth Yoga

Formation : Some of the wealth-yogas are given below :
1. When IXth and XIth Lords are associated.
2. When IXth and IIth Lords are associated.
3. When Ist and II Lords are associated.
4. When IInd and XIth Lords are associated.
5. When Xth and IInd Lords are associated.
6. When Xth and IVth Lords are associated.
7. When VIIth and IInd Lords are associated.
8. When Ist and XIth Lords are associated.
9. When Ist and Xth Lords are associated.
10. When IInd and VIIth Lords are associated.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye

The second day of Shukla Paksh, the bright forthnight of Kartik is called Bhaiyaduj. There are various names of this festival. Known by the name of Bhai-Dooj in the Hindi-speaking belt, it is called "Bhav-Bij" in the Marathi-speaking communities and in Nepal, people know this festival by the name of "Bhai-Tika".

The name itself denotes the day of the festival i.e.Diwali falls on the absolutely dark night of Amdvasya (new moon), Dooj comes two days after Diwali. Many years ago, in the Vedic era, Yama (Yamraj, the Lord of death) visited His sister Yamuna(Yami) and she put the auspicious tilak on his forehead, they ate talked and enjoyed together and exchanged special gifts as a token of their love for each other and Yamraj announced that anyone who receives tilak from his sister on this day will never be thrown.

Since then it became imperative for the brother to go to his sister's house to celebrate Bhai Dooj .On Bhai Dooj, the teeka is applied on the brother's forehead.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disha Shool

Disha Shool

To prevent the native from getting negative results after travelling for so long this methodology must have been evolved. During each day of week some artificial Disha Shool arises and due to that there are hindrance and troubles in a person’s work and travel schedule. This is known as Disha Shool. To avoid Disha Shool one must take some precautions and remedies to achieve good results and for success of work. Normally if disha shool is causing harm while traveling in particular direction, it should be postponed, else there are some remedies which can cure the evils of disha shool.

The West and South West directions are supposed not to be traveled because of Disha Shool is in these directions work is either delayed or not up to the mark but this can be cured by dropping a fresh coconut along with 400gm millet in running water. If away from such a source of water then blow off a lighted candle with fresh milk.

The east and North East directions are ‘disha shool’. To get the results of work up to the mark 400gm of curd along with 8 pieces of wood coal should be dropped in a river, or alternately take 4 fist full of raw rice and wash it with fresh milk and tie it in a white silk cloth and keep it in residential north west direction.

The North and North West directions are ‘Disha Shool’. To overcome difficulty in work one must keep small earthen pot filled with honey and vermillion in the southern direction of house or else by keeping the same on dressing table before going for the journey.

On this day north and north east directions are disha shool. The remedy for this is to fill small earthen pot with milk and place it under the soil covered with grass.

In south and south east directions traveling can cause harm and problem in work. To cure this one should eat sugar crystals with water before going for journey or else keep nine turmeric stems tied in yellow silk cloth in the north east direction of house or place of worship before going for the job.


West and south west directions are ‘disha shool’. These directions may be painful. Either work is delayed or completed with many problems. To cure this, take a bath with little curd and fresh milk in the bathing water and then go for the work.

East and north east directions are causing hindrance in the work. There are chances of accidents. If work cannot be delayed one must take precautions, to cure this drop 800gms lentils in flowing water or mark saffron tilak at naval for success of journey.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why do we wear marks (tilak, pottu and the like) on the forehead?

The tilak or pottu invokes a feeling of sanctity in the wearer and others. It is recognized as a religious mark. Its form and colour vary according to one’s caste, religious sect or the form of the Lord worshipped.

In earlier times, the four castes (based on varna or colour) - Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra - applied marks differently. The brahmin applied a white chandan mark signifying purity, as his profession was of a priestly or academic nature. The kshatriya applied a red kumkum mark signifying valour as he belonged to warrior races. The vaishya wore a yellow kesar or turmeric mark signifying prosperity as he was a businessman or trader devoted to creation of wealth. The sudra applied a black bhasma, kasturi or charcoal mark signifying service as he supported the work of the other three divisions.

Also Vishnu worshippers apply a chandan tilak of the shape of "U,” Shiva worshippers a tripundra of bhasma, Devi worshippers a red dot of kumkum and so on).

The tilak cover the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking. It is known as the Aajna Chakra in the language of Yoga. The tilak is applied with the prayer - "May I remember the Lord. May this pious feeling pervade all my activities. May I be righteous in my deeds.” Even when we temporarily forget this prayerful attitude the mark on another reminds us of our resolve. The tilak is thus a blessing of the Lord and a protection against wrong tendencies and forces.

The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves - the forehead and the subtle spot between the eyebrows especially so. That is why worry generates heat and causes a headache. The tilak and pottu cools the forehead, protects us and prevents energy loss. Sometimes the entire forehead is covered with chandan or bhasma. Using plastic reusable "stick bindis" is not very beneficial, even though it serves the purpose of decoration.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mantras for specific purposes

Mantras for wealth:

1. Om Lakshmi Vam shri kamaladhram svaha2. Jimi sarita sagar mahu jahiJadyapi tahi kamana nahi3. Bishva bharana poshana kara joiTakar nama Bharat asa hoi4. Om shrim hrim shrim kamale kamalalaye mahya prasidaprasida prasida svaha5. Omm shrim hrim shrim mahalakshmyai namah

For Marriage:

1. Taba janaka pai bashishtha ayasu byaha saja savari kaiMandavi shruta kirati Urmila kuwari lai hankari kai2. Katyayani mahamaye mahayogindadhishvariNandagopasutam devi patim me kurute namah

For having children:

1. Devakisutam Govindam Vasudevam JagatpatimDehimeTanayam Krishna twam-aham Sharanagatah.

To have a son:

1. Sarvabadhabinirmukto dhanadhanyasutanvitah Manushyo tatprasaden bhavishyati na samshayah
2. Om hrim lajja jjalyam thah thah lah om hrim svaha

For safety of the child in the womb:

1. Om tham tham thim thim thum them thaim thoum thah thah om

Curing fever:

1. Om namo bhagavate rudraya namah krodhesvaraya namahjyoti patangaya namo namah siddhi rudra ajapayati svaha
2. Om vindhya vanana hum fat svaha
3. Om namo bhagavate chhandi chhandi amukasya jvarasyashara prajjvilita parashupaniye parashaya fat
4. Om namo maha uchchhishta yogini prakirna dranshta khadatitharvati nashyati bhakshyati om thah thah thah thah

Removing any disease:

1. Om Hrim hansah
2. Om shrim hrim klim aim Indrakshyai namah
3. Om sam, sam sim, sum sum sem saim sam saha vam vam vim vim vum vum vemvaim voim voum vam van saha amrita varech svaha.

For sound health:

1. Mam mayat sarvato raksha shriyam vardhaya sarvadaSharirarogyam me dehi deva deva namostute
2. Om aim hrim shrim namah sarvadharaya bhagavate asyamama sarva roga vinashaya jvala jvala enam dirghayusham kuru kuru svaha
3. Achyutam chamritam chaiva japedoushadhakarmani
4. Om namo paramatamne para brahma mama sharire pahi pahi kuru kuru svaha

For curing piles:

1. Om chhai chhui chhalaka chhalai ahumAhum klam klam klim hum

For curing pox:

1. Om shrim shrim shrum shram shroum shrah om kharasthadigambara vikata nayanam toyasthitam bhajami svaha Svangastham prachandarupam namabhyatmabhibutaye

For stimulating digestive fire:

1. Agastyam kumbhakaranam cha shamincha vadavanalamBhojanam pachanarthaya smaredabhyam cha panchakam

For sound sleep:

1. Om agasti shayinah

For long life:

1. Hroum om jom sa om bhurbhuvah svaha omTryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanamUrvarukamiva bandhanata mrityormukshiyamamritat

For children's diseases:

1. Avyadajoangdhri manimanstava janvathoru,yajnoachyutah kati tatam jatharam ka hayasya

For removing obstructions and difficulties:

1. Sakal vighna vyopahin nahin tehinRama sukripan bilokahin jehin
2. Sarva badha prashamanam trailokyasyakhileshvariEvameva tvayakaryamasmad vairi binashanam
3. Om ram ram ram ram ram ro ro ram kashtam svaha
4. Om namah shante prashante gum hrim hrim sarva krodha prashamani svaha

For winning court cases:

1. Pavan tanaya bala pavan samanaBuddhi viveka bigyana nidhana

To Keep safe from snakes:

1. Om Narmadayai vicharana
2. Ananta vasukim shesham padmanabham cha kambalamShankhapalam dhritarashtram takshakam kaliyam tatha munirajam Astikam namah
3. Om plah sarpakulaya svaha ashehakula sarva kulaya svaha

For removing the venom of snakes:

1. Garudadhvajanusmaranat vishaviryam vyapohati
2. Nama prabhau jana Siva nikoKalakuta falu dinha amiko

To keep safe from theft:

1. Om kafall-kafall-kafall
2. Om karalini svaha om kapalini svaha hroum hrim hrim hrim chora bandhaga thah thah

For peace and detachment:

1. Daihika daivika bhoutika tapaRama raja nahin kahu byapa
2. Bharata charita kari mamu tulasije sadar sunahinSiya Rama pada prema avasi hoi bhava rasa birati

For removing doubt:

1. Rama katha sundar karatariSansaya bihaga unavana hari

For purification of thought:

1. Take juga pada kamala manavaunJasu kripa niramala mati pavaun

Reomoval of the evil eye:

1. Shyama Gaura sundara dou joriNirakhahin chhabi janani trina tori

For vision of Sitaji:

1. Janakasuta jagajanani janakiAtisaya priya karunanidhana ki

To please Hanuman:

1. Sumiri pavan suta pavana namuApane basa kari rakhe Ramu

For devotion to God:

1. Bhagata kalpataru pranatahita kripasindhu sukaddhamaSoi nija bhagati mohi prabhu dehu kaya dari Rama

For acquiring knowledge:

1. Chhiti jala pavaka gagana samiraPancha rachita yaha adhama sharira

For God's forgiveness:

1. Anuchita bahuta kaheun agyataKshamahun kshama mandira dou bharata
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